g a b o r @ g a b o r s a n d o r . c o m

I am a semi-professional drummer actively gigging, recording and teaching students around London. In demand from various bands and projects, I am proficient in various styles including rock, blues, pop and jazz and I can play various instruments including drums, and percussion.

My musical journey began in 1985 at the National Music School Percussion Faculty in Hungary. By the tender age of 12, I started playing shows nationally and internationally with the Music School's Percussion Band, and my musical travels have seen me perform all around Europe including Hungary, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

My drumming can also be heard on Hungarian punk-rock band Rotten Tomatoes’ debut EPs and full length LPs.

In 2013, I moved to London and attended The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, where I further developed my drumming knowledge and continue to become an ever-present face in the London session and live gigging circuit.

It is always a pleasure performing, recording and rehearsing alongside Gabor. His professionalism, deep-rooted feel for rhythm/the instrument, and his theoretical knowledge are second to none.“

Rob Harbour (singer-songwriter)